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What’s Pongr All About?

Connecting consumers and advertisers in a quick, fun and easy way. We bridge the “old” world with the “new” world (as in the Mobile Web, social networks, and the Image Web) through image recognition and visual search.

Consumers are taking billions of pictures every day using their mobile phones. A tremendous volume of those user generated photos (UGP for short) are brand-related and end up on social networks. Most of the time advertisers fail to realize the potential of connecting with the mobile picture takers and their friends in any meaningful way.  Enter Pongr.

What Pongr does:

  • We help advertisers make sense out of the mobile phone picture-taking phenomena.
  • We benchmark and measure how effective your ads are.
  • We create a virtuous cycle of consumer engagement that encourages positive brand reinforcement.

It’s your job to create visually enticing traditional and creative media; it’s our job to:

  • Make your ads searchable.
  • Link the offline world to the online world through mobile image recognition and interactive mobile media solutions.

We make mobile engagement and social network amplification a reality — your mobile brand connection . . .

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