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Who says that work can't be fun? Pongr lets you "climb the career ladder" of your favorite company or brand. Every player can earn special deals and free stuff. The very best "employees" could win a new career.

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About Pongr

Our beliefs

Pongr believes that passionate brand-loyal customers deserve to be regularly rewarded with discounts, special offers and exclusive deals not available to the masses.That not only means getting free stuff, but also a backstage pass to see and experience some of the brand's most exciting new developments. Participating in Pongr is like grabbing a seat in the boardroom of your favorite company.

Our technology

Using innovative image recognition technology, Pongr invites consumers to use their mobile phone cameras to interact with outdoor billboards, bus stop advertising, and magazine pages in return for coupons and rewards that are text messaged back to their phones.

Pongr technology recognizes company logos without the aid of ugly bar codes. So you don't even need to be engaged with any "official" advertising. So why not cash in on pics of your favorite restaurants, businesses and landmarks — snapshots you take anyway without any incentives?

You snap pictures. You send pictures. We hook you up with great deals on the products and services you want the most.

It's that simple.